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Set yourself up for success

We give you the best chance to succeed through your programme of study because secondary education is at the heart of all of our courses. In fact, Oxford Study Courses was founded in 1990 by a passionate International Baccalaureate (IB) teacher who acknowledged and searched for solutions for the challenges faced by IB Diploma students in particular.

Our courses are therefore designed to accompany students throughout their academic and personal development journey. Our summer and exam revision courses have been strongly focused on the IB Diploma curriculum for thirty years, a Diploma programme that is well known for its academic rigour and its international dimension. We have since launched a Discovery course to students from all backgrounds and curricula to help them discover their potential.

Benefit from our expertise

Over the past thirty years, we’ve developed our expertise in course delivery and academic content. We’ve not only identified experienced teachers, but also inspiring locations in world-renowned universities to inspire you throughout your Oxford Study Courses experience. Whether you want to boost your grades or build on existing knowledge, our courses are tailored to your specific needs. Where possible, we’ll even adapt the content to very specific educational requirements based on your answers to our pre-course questionnaire.

Find your path

Strong academic skills will definitely help you through school years, but we’ll also ensure your time with us will help you develop essential skills for life. You’ll learn amongst an international community of peers coming from different backgrounds, expanding your ability to communicate, collaborate and lead. Some of our courses include a college preparation course ahead of your final school year to get you ready for university. Our extras include one-to-one careers consultation and subject advice that you may wish to add for an even more personalised experience.

Featured Courses

Boston Pre-IB Diploma Summer Course

Boston Pre-IB Diploma Summer Course

Feel inspired in Harvard University and MIT surroundings and make friends from all around the world. Get ready for the new challenge ahead of you: your first year as an IB Diploma student. Find out more

Cambridge Mid-IB Diploma Summer Course

Cambridge Mid-IB Diploma Summer Course

Build your confidence ahead of your second year as an IB Diploma student. Find your focus in the University of Cambridge's world-renowned Emmanuel College. Find out more

Oxford IB Diploma Revision Course

Oxford IB Diploma Revision Course

Immerse yourself in Oxford's world-renowned academic environment for up to 12.5 days. Prepare for your IB Diploma exams in the inspiring Oriel College with tailored guidance and support from experienced IB teachers. Find out more

Be the best you can be

Discover your potential

Our courses offer the opportunity to discover more about what you love to do and the type of skills you already possess in order to map out your future life goals.

Take on new challenges

Taking on the IB Diploma sometimes feels like a huge challenge when you're just starting out but with our Pre-IB courses, you will feel prepared, inspired, and ready to start.

Find your focus

When you start your second year of the IB Diploma, you need to find your focus, filling in knowledge gaps and building your confidence in your subject choices on your way to the specialisation required by colleges and universities.

Prepare for exams

Preparation is the key to exam success; the more prepared you are, the more likely you will gain the grades you need. With our revision courses, you can tailor your experience to offer the crucial support you need ahead of your exams.