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28 June – 1 August 2020


Up to 5-week long course


Taught by teachers from top IB World Schools


Small class sizes allowing personalised feedback


Fees start at £1,950 

Take on new challenges

Taking on the IB Diploma sometimes feels like a huge challenge when you’re just starting out but with our Pre-IB DP courses, you will feel prepared, inspired, and ready to start.

Based in one of Oxford University’s colleges, our courses are run by a team of teaching experts designed to bring you up to the required level for the IB DP. This will give you an advantage over your peers when you start the IB Diploma Programme, being both oriented and ready for a demanding two-year programme.

Experienced IB teachers from top international IB schools run small interactive classes. They focus on subject terminology, structure, and expected standards in the Diploma Programme. You will learn alongside peers from different cultural backgrounds.

Enjoy social and cultural excursions with new friends from around the world! If you are between 16 – 17 years old and will be studying the IB Diploma programme, this course will give you all the skills you need to take on this next big challenge.


IB Diploma subjects

Personalise your summer course to your academic needs. Choose two modules per week in your chosen subject from the list.

IB Expert

We strongly recommend all students take this module to get an overview of the IB Diploma Programme. We’ll introduce you to the core of the IB Diploma – Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS). Find out what they’re all about and learn how to maximise your grades!

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Your introduction to the fascinating compulsory IBDP subject of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) which develops skills in:

  • Thinking critically about your own opinions
  • Evaluating your social and cultural environment
  • Understanding the nature of knowledge
  • Discussing knowledge questions with classmates who may hold very different views – but always with tolerance and understanding!

Classes in this compulsory IBDP subject are grouped by ability and your intended IB Mathematics course. Our classes are designed to give you the required knowledge to start your IB Diploma Mathematics programme, and to help you develop confidence and expertise in the subject for the two years ahead.

When you apply, just apply for ‘mathematics’ and make sure to tell us what you plan to take in the IBDP. We will then place you in the correct class once you are on course.

No matter which Maths level you plan to study in the IBDP, you will be required to use a Graphic Display Calculator (GDC). If you have a GDC, make sure you bring it!


English courses
  • English A
    Prepare for both English Literature and English Language & Literature. Exploring all four parts of Language A during your Oxford summer course, this module will develop critical and analytical skills while introducing you to IBDP Group 1 assessment objectives.
  • Improving your English
    Strengthen your academic writing and oral skills. The focus will be on skills that are required of all IB Diploma students: essay writing, reading for understanding, writing reflections, approaching texts, and presentation skills. The course is designed for students who intend to take English B in the IB Diploma Programme, or who need to improve their academic language for English A.
Group 3: Individuals and Societies

Get to the required level to begin the IB Diploma and find out how subjects are approached in the IBDP. In these modules, you will be introduced to current theories, central concepts, and the analytical methods of learning.

Subjects available include:

  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Psychology


Group 4: Sciences

Get introduced to key subject topics, discuss the principles and methods of scientific observation,  and learn about assessment criteria.

Subjects available include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Systems and Societies
  • Physics

Please bring your Graphic Display Calculator (GDC), if you have one, and learn how to use it in your subject.

Specialist STEM subjects – only available in week starting 12 July 2020

Science Futures

Explore your own future in science, whether it is something you are sure about or something you are only considering.

Broaden your horizons and come away with concrete ways to apply your IB Diploma to the bright future ahead of you.

Guest speakers from industry and academia will inspire you with their stories and allow you to ask frank questions of how they became so successful.

You will visit an innovative company based in Oxford and its surrounding areas to see what it might be like to work in a cutting edge environment.

Robot Inventor

Expand your logical reasoning and computational thinking skills, so valuable in this fast-changing world.

We have partnered with robotics experts Tech Camp to offer a unique 12 hour course called ‘Robot Inventor’.

You’ll be starting with a drag-and-drop programming environment so it’s perfect for beginners. More experienced campers will have plenty to do though, as you can progress through the course at your own pace. Those who race through the initial challenges will be able to tackle more complex problems and access advanced components like light-detecting modules and ultrasonic distance sensors.

You’ll be constructing robots complete with collision sensors, buzzers, and colour-changing lights, as you take on a series of robot challenges on the surface of Mars.

Included in the course

  • 24 hours of teaching per week across your two chosen subjects
  • Small classes allowing personalised advice
  • Set and reviewed homework for private study outside class
  • Class notes available via online resource centre
  • Evening activities e.g. theatre and cinema trips, river trips, ice-skating, sports, scavenger hunt
  • Weekend trips e.g. Thorpe Park, Bicester Village, London
  • University admissions advice
  • Single room accommodation in college
  • Breakfast and lunch in college. A variety of dining options per evening
  • 24/7 on-course support staff

Fees per course

  • £1,950 per week
  • £250 deposit per week

You have 14 days to cancel a booking and receive a refund, full policy available here.

Course accommodation

St Antony’s College

You will enjoy your own private, single bedroom. Meet with friends to study, chat or watch TV in the college’s student common room.

St Antony’s College is our main location, but accommodation and classes may also take place at neighbouring colleges in Oxford.