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27 June – 17 July 2020


3-week course


Taught by teachers from top IB World Schools


Small class sizes allowing personalised feedback


Fees start at $7,650

Take on new challenges

Starting the IB Diploma programme can feel like a huge challenge but our Pre-IB DP course will have you feeling prepared, inspired and ready to start.

Based in the prestigious campuses of Harvard and MIT in Boston, our courses are run by a team of teaching experts designed to bring you up to the required level for the IBDP. This will give you an advantage over your peers when you start the IB Diploma Programme, being both oriented and ready for a demanding two-year programme.

Experienced IB teachers from top IB World schools run small interactive classes. They focus on subject terminology, structure, and expected standards. 

Enjoy social and cultural excursions with new friends from around the world! If you are between 16 – 17 years old and will be studying the IB Diploma programme, this course will give you all the skills you need to take on this next big challenge.


IB Diploma subjects

Personalise your summer course to your academic needs. Choose one module per week in your chosen subject from the list.

IB Ready: Think, Research and Present

This course focuses on two of the central components of the IB Diploma Programme: the Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). You will explore how these components are linked together and how they are related to the subject courses of the IB Diploma Programme. You will learn skills and ways of thinking that make you a more successful IB Diploma student.

You will select a global issue which you will carry out academic research on, go on a field trip looking for primary sources and then you will learn about the process involved in writing the Extended Essay: secondary sources, development of an argument, writing a conclusion and citing sources.

You will also present your ideas on the global issue to a small group and then reflect on the implications of your research for your future CAS projects and your Extended Essay.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Your introduction to the fascinating subject of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) which develops skills in:

  • Thinking critically about your own opinions
  • Evaluating your social and cultural environment
  • Understanding the nature of knowledge
  • Discussing knowledge questions with classmates who may hold very different views – but always with tolerance and understanding!
English courses

Classes are grouped by each intended language route in the IB Diploma (Literature, Language & Literature and English B), and by your English language ability. In this class you will work on developing both your literary analysis and essay writing skills.



Subject Seminars

In Weeks 1 and 2 of the Pre-IB course you can opt to attend our Subject Seminars. This is an opportunity for you to find out more about your chosen diploma subjects or if you are still not sure you can use these sessions to help you to decide.

A different subject is offered each day, Monday to Thursday and you can attend as many sessions as you like. Subjects on offer are:

  • Group 3 – Individuals and Societies: Economics, Business Management and History
  • Group 4 – Experiential Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Classes in this subject are grouped by your ability and intended IB Mathematics course.

Our classes are designed to give you the required knowledge to start the IB Diploma Mathematics programme, and to help you develop self-confidence and expertise in the subject for the two years ahead.

You will also be introduced to the Mathematics exploration skills needed for the internal assessment component of this subject.

Included in the course

  • 15 hours of subject teaching per week
  • IB Ready sessions covering two core IB components: the Extended Essay and CAS
  • College preparation course, college fair
  • Personal development workshops and subject seminars
  • Educational and cultural activities e.g. kayaking, pizza tour, Boston sight seeing, Red Sox games
  • Weekend trips e.g. Six Flags Theme Park, Codzilla Boat Trip
  • Single room accommodation in college
  • Breakfast and lunch, plus up to 3 dinners/week
  • 24/7 on-course support staff

Fees per course

  • $7,650 per 3-week course
  • $1,000 deposit

You have 14 days to cancel a booking and receive a refund, full policy available here.

Personal Development Workshops

Pick from the options below up to three activities to fill up your afternoons, after your morning subject. These activities are designed to make the most of your time in Boston, and to prepare you for life after the IB.


Explore Boston

Let us help you get to know Boston better with our themed packages of trips and visits, and discover some of the fun and exciting destinations in this town.

  • Historic Boston: one of the earliest European settlements in the US, Boston has always had huge historical significance. Led by history experts, we visit museums, follow trails and eat Pizza.
  • Scientific Boston: with MIT and Harvard, Boston is arguably the best place on the planet to learn about science and engineering. You'll get to discover local resources, museums, and get access to real research laboratories.
  • Engineering Boston: Group activities based on some of Boston’s key structures will help you better understand the dynamic role of engineers throughout history.

Leadership Skills

Explore some of the key skills you need to inform, influence, and persuade – critical if you want to be seen as a leader in the future. There is something different each week – you can choose which you want to take or take all three if you like.

  • Convince Me – the art of persuasive writing in journalism, advertising, pitching, speech writing, project proposals, and presentations.
  • Speak Up - presentation skills: this is a practical course that will set you on the road to giving knock out presentations and speeches.
  • The Great Debate: In this course you will learn about competitive debating. It’s a fun way to improve your public speaking and learn how to argue for or against an idea.

Maths Olympics

Improve your maths skills and have fun while you’re doing it! You’ll learn how to think through a maths problem critically and creatively, working in teams in a friendly competition loosely based on some national level mathematics contests.

The Arts - Thrill Me

Taking your reader on a journey: What are the ingredients of a good story? How can you make your characters jump out from the page? How can you captivate your reader from the start? Explore different creative genres from fiction, nonfiction, drama or poetry. Maybe you’re the next J. K. Rowling…

College preparation course

If you are thinking of going to university in the US then this afternoon course is ideal. It offers a range of topics that will lead to a successful application process. Each week features a visit to a different Boston university where you can tour the campus and ask Admissions Counsellors questions. You can choose to join this activity for one or two weeks.

The first week covers the basics of the application process and how you can use your IB knowledge and skills to your advantage. It also looks at what it’s like to be a student in the US and the practicalities of finance and visas. You will visit Boston College.

In the second week, the activity covers further particulars of the application process – the college essay, ACTs and SATs, and careers counselling. You will visit Babson College.

College Fair

Our College Fair gives you the opportunity to talk to admissions officers from around 25 different colleges and universities. Representatives from some of the most prestigious institutions in New England attend the event – visit their stalls to find out what they can offer you.

The OSC College Fair is a great opportunity to:

  • Compare different types of colleges and universities
  • Find out about 'Liberal Arts' and the variety of fun, interesting courses offered
  • Discover the range of extra-curricular activities offered, including clubs, sports, volunteering opportunities and internships
  • Discuss the application process with our resident College Counsellors
  • Talk to our College Finance Advisor about scholarships and other finance options
  • Look at what postgraduate opportunities might be available for your future college career

Course locations


You'll get to study and get the full university experience in the seminar rooms, lecture theatres and libraries of MIT, guided by our dedicated team and taught by highly experienced teachers.


Your accommodation will be in Perkins Hall, part of Harvard University, but your classes will be held at MIT, only 30 minutes away on foot or 10 minutes by our school bus.