If your school is closed but you still have to learn stuff and complete assignments, there are some basics that I urge you to consider and hopefully implement.

1 Find your space

Depending on the size of your place this may or may not be a no-brainer, its where your computer is. But if you have room options and/or a laptop/iPad, then think about it – ideally you will find a space with some light, maybe even a window, although that could also be a distraction (see point 3).

2 Find your time

I’m an early starter and that works for me, but your daily routine may reflect your school schedule. In some ways, that’s nice and simple – no self-discipline required, you just need to know your timetable. But still, there may be expectations that you do work ‘in your own time’ and for some that’s a doorway to chaos. So – when do you work best?

3 Minimize or even eliminate distractions

Social media is a big distraction so PLEASE put your phone on silent and leave it in a drawer. It will still be there in an hour or two and without it you are SO much more productive. You know this.

4 Music?

I relax to music and like to paint with music playing, but I find it distracting if I’m trying to write. So, if you are making art and work well with musical accompaniment, go for it. But my suggestion is that when you want to focus on any written work, avoid  the potential of auditory distractions – switch it off.

5 Change is good

Don’t spend too long on a single task or assignment. It will grow stale and/or boring and we don’t want that. Work within time frames and feel free to stop, save your work and then switch to something else.

6 Go for a walk/take breaks

A day in front of a screen is not good for you. Fresh air is good for you. Structure your day with built in breaks, times for you to get up, stretch, go out for a walk or jog or a run. You will return refreshed. Its not, as they say, rocket science.

Good luck!