In the last posting, Diigo was presented as a possible social bookmarking tool. In order to effectively be able to bookmark and later on search for your resouces, it is important to use sensible “tags” that relate to your IB Diploma program and to the subtopic within the program. Each entry that you bookmark should have at least two tags – subject and related subtopic(s).

In the following example, demonstrated how a website can be bookmarked very quickly because the Bookmark tool has been installed on the Firefox toolbar. If Diigo is open, a click on Bookmark in the Firefox toolbar will instantly bring up the bookmarkomg option.

Notice that the highlighted text in the following article has also been copied to the description in the Bookmark.



There are three bookmarks that have been used to tag this article:

  • ITGS which is the DP subject
  • privacy_anonymity (subtopic in ITGS)
  • gov_control_use_info (subtopic in ITGS)

Any resource (i.e. article, image, movie, webpage, etc.) can be instantly tagged for later reference. Later on it can be found by searching for the most relevant tag.

The video tutorials on the Diigo help page show how to highlight text on the page.

An example of how to use highlighting and floating sticky notes are demonstrated below.

highlighting and stickynote2

These are important tools for noting information for later review and making notes. These tools are especially useful in tagging resources for the extended essay or any resources that will be required to support work for internal assessment.