Is it over?

Can we come out of our trenches?

Is that the sound of someone still weeping in the darkness?

Well, that was some experience.

In fact I believe that for some it is still on-going: some schools that were unable to upload before the deadline have been given an extension.

I seem to be in a tiny minority insofar as my experience of the upload was fairly smooth.

For an alternative viewpoint – if you have not visited the OCC Visual Arts Forum recently – you should.


There you will find shredded nerves, angry vitriol, angst and anger.

If the forum allowed sound uploads you would probably also hear screams of frustration and wails of despair. Maybe it does. Maybe you will.

Anyway – I wonder if there will be any explanation forthcoming or indications that things will change before the November session.

And in reply to Greg’s question, yes page 1 of the e-submission guide gives a list of files and sizes and videos have a 1GB max.