If you are teaching Grade 12/Year 2 Visual Arts students, by now you should be making final preparations for the upload to IBIS. The deadlines (next month) are listed below with details of what you need to upload.

This information is available of course on My IB but here is a brief overview…

These are the final deadlines.

I encourage you NOT to wait until the deadline!

Have all your visual arts upload files ready and start the upload process for each component at least ten days BEFORE the deadline!


Internal assessment marks and predicted grades

Enter your predicted grades and your DP Coordinator can then find the name and number of students whose work will be uploaded – your Internal Assessment (IA) sample.*

Please note that you will NOT be able to upload any of the exhibition files until the list is confirmed: no exhibition upload slots become available until you enter the predicted grades and IA marks, and your DP coordinator confirms the marks and grades and submits them to IBIS, and gets the IA sample list from IBIS (which needs to be confirmed).

Once confirmed, only students included in the sample have their exhibition files uploaded.

*Sample: how many students?

It depends on the size of your class/group.

  • Fewer than 6 students: all the work will be uploaded
  • Between 6 and 20 students: upload 5 samples
  • Between 21 and 40 students: upload 8 samples
  • More than 40 candidates: upload 10 samples.

The Exhibition includes the Curatorial Rationale, the artwork files with additional details (titles, media etc).

The two exhibition ‘overview’ photos should not include any people, e.g. NOT the student or the audience.

Don’t use the optional additional photo slots unless they really add something.

Use the ‘media’ text space to provide as much information as possible (e.g. ‘mixed media’ is not helpful)


External assessment components (Comparative Study and the Process Portfolio).

You or your students can upload these files.

Both Comparative Study and Process Portfolio files can be in the format of DOC, DOCX, PDF, or RTF.

The Comparative Study screen asks for THREE files (the Comparative Study itself, the works cited list and the VACAF); Process Portfolio needs ONE file only (the Process Portfolio, with works cited on the final page).

Be prepared and good luck!