Screencasting is not only for teachers. It is a valuable learning and assessment tool as well.

Excellent examples of students “being the teacher”. Some of the technologies are still relevant as described in the previous blog to both PCs and Macs. However, the new Quicktime on the Macintosh does allow for the instant recording of screencasts. The focus of these examples is on the types of screencasts that students make rather than the process involved in  creating screencasts.

Students as Digital Teachers

Student-created Tutorials

The S.A.I.N.T. HelpDesk Squad members have created a wiki to communicate and collaborate with each other and share resources and information to benefit the staff and students of many elementary schools in Wisconsin. Many of the help desk presentations use web 2.0 tools and screencasts.

Student Web 2.0 Help Desk i.e.  how to use Sketchfu  or Dabbleboard  and many other tools on the site.

Student-created screencasts for assessment

At times teachers choose to create screencasts to explain the marking of a piece of work. However, in this example student created assessments using screencasting.

Student screencast examples – “anyone lived in a pretty how town”