So now all the results are in and you are off to university or college.  Congratulations!

What happens if you didn’t get your required result for your First Choice place?  Well for some universities and colleges you simply call them on the number given on your offer letter to see if they will still accept you. You can find the offer letters on your UCAS TRACK page.  If they say yes, great! Start packing your bags and get yourself there for Freshers’ Week!

If the university or college decide that they cannot keep your place open for you, then as long as you hit the target for your Insurance Choice you will be automatically offered a place on that.  *Please make sure that the First Choice institution updates your TRACK page so that you can proceed with your Insurance offer.

If you haven’t hit the target for either your First Choice or Insurance Choice then by now you will have been on the phone to institutions who have indicated that they still have places available.  If you are not sure how this works, go to UCAS and go to CLEARING.  You can check what is available by going to the SEARCH tool.  On the SEARCH page, click on CLEARING 2016 and then input your chosen subject to see what is available.  Once you have searched, you then contact the university or college directly by phone to check that they will accept you.  Make sure that you have your UCAS ID number as well as your CLEARING number handy.  Be prepared with questions and be aware that they may interview you on the phone to check your eligibility.  Don’t worry, this is also an opportunity for you to check that this is a good choice for you too!   Once the university or college has verbally confirmed that they can offer you a place, add the Clearing Choice on your UCAS TRACK page.  The offer will then be confirmed in writing by the university or college on your TRACK page and by email within a few days. You can apply for just one or a few courses via CLEARING.

Take a look today – the universities and colleges are waiting for your call!

If you are coming to the UK and need a Student VISA go to UKCISA and the BRITISH COUNCIL for all the latest news on VISA applications.

And finally, Good Luck!