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TreeSisters and reforestation

The advantages of restored ecosystems are many – slowing down global warming by capturing and storing carbon, increasing rainfall, providing clean water, improving air quality and providing sources of natural capital. Find out more

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Carmichael coal mine, Queensland, Australia

The development of the Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin, Queensland, Australia was given the go ahead by the Queensland government in June this year. The mine is controversial for many reasons. Find out more

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Newton and Mechanics

In Mechanics I tend to lump the SUVAT equations and laws together, teaching them as a small section (effectively) under his name. This blog considers this short section of work. Find out more

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Phew – thank goodness that is over!

By the time this post gets ‘out there’, the IB exams are likely to be finished. And the DP students will be away from school and relaxing … and so they should. But is it all really over? Find out more

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Choices are about to be made?

Summer time can be a busy period for students considering or already taking the IB Diploma. Here are four of the situations they can find themselves in this summer. Find out more

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Who would be a teacher?

The results are a time for celebration (hopefully!) where I can, and without being patronising, I will often try to contact my students and let them know how well they did. I think it is important to remember that in education, we are helping to shape young people and that is a privilege we should never lose sight of. Find out more

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“Raising awareness of world issues” – The pitfalls (Concepts and Exhibition)

Conceptually speaking, the trouble with 'raising awareness' of world issues in your visual arts exhibition is that in most cases, awareness has already been raised, and examiners will probably have seen similar concepts touched on before. Find out more

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In chemistry, I guess we have things easy. We are putting on a number of lab sessions for students to investigate hydrogen - with the link being that this is a potential fuel that could be used in space rockets in the future. Find out more

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Equilibria part 2

Last month I ran over the basics of equilibria. The rationale for this was that I felt that it was a part of the course that had been poorly answered in the recent IB May examinations. I do need to stress that this is my own personal opinion and not that of the IB. This month I will run over the more difficult concepts associated with equilibrium, Le Chatelier’s principle. Find out more

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Forwards, backwards, left or right? – Equilibria Part 1

There were a few questions on equilibria in this year’s May exams. As a teacher I felt that students didn’t perform very well on these questions so thought that this month may be an opportunity to help reinforce and summarise some of the concepts covered. Find out more

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Why so generous? – IA predictions

One IB assessments moderator posed the question: why are some teachers so generous with their marks for IB Visual Arts internal assessments? Here are some of the ideas that surfaced relating to the different issues involved. Find out more

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I’m half way through watching the new HBO / Sky miniseries Chernobyl. Have you seen it? Here in the UK it has received some great reviews with some critics claiming it is the best TV series ever produced. Find out more

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Using Catalysts in Lab Work – a Slightly Different Approach

I imagine that, as teachers, we all carry out a hydrogen peroxide decomposition using manganese dioxide. We may also demo cracking where we use aluminium oxide or silicon oxide as a catalyst. This aside, do we really make much use of catalysts in our lab work? Find out more

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Get it right – Electrochemical Cells

When faced with an electrochemical cell that contains unfamiliar regents, try to have in your mind a reference model. Something that works and something that you have confidently learnt. Once you have this fixed model in your mind, you will easily be able to apply it to unfamiliar reagents. Find out more

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Philosophers and the Project of Perpetual Peace (2)

Immanuel Kant’s conception of perpetual peace took into account the propositions already developed by l’Abbé de Saint-Pierre and Rousseau while exploring new routes leading to the end of all possible conflicts between so-called “civilised nations”. Find out more

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Is New Realism all that new?

Markus Gabriel is the new rising star of German Philosophy with the success of his book ‘Why the World does not Exist’, first published in 2013, a year after Maurizio Ferraris’s ‘Manifesto for a New Realism’. Find out more

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We all love our caffeine hit in the morning, but what is this magic ‘energy’ giving substance and is it actually good for us? Find out more

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Two issues with curatorial rationales

Here are some tips in relation to two types of rationales received with IA in the IB Visual Arts Exhibitions that you might want to pass on to your students when they go about writing their curatorial rationales. Find out more

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Philosophers and the Project of Perpetual Peace (1)

The idea of a project of perpetual peace between European nations was anticipated long before the six member states of the original Economic European Union signed the Treaty of Rome in March 1957. Find out more

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Surrealist theatre and design

If you are looking for work to play with Surrealist ideas, puppets and design then I suggest that you look at Jean Cocteau's 'The Eiffel Tower Wedding Party' and 'The Peach Child' by Anna Furse, which has lots of tips for actors about puppetry included after the play text. Find out more

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