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2016/2017 Universities of the Year, World Rankings and League Tables. The results are in!

Many universities belong to league tables and each year they are assessed on the specific criteria developed by the league table publisher.  So here are some of the winners for 2016 and 2017.   *Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide UK University of the Year […] Find out more

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Japanese military participation in World War I

Most IBDP students have a clear understanding of Japanese participation in the peace talks after World War I.  Margaret Macmillan’s Paris 1919 very effectively illustrates Japanese goals of racial equality and great power status, and many historians look at World War I as a means of further subjugating the Chinese but little time or effort tends […] Find out more

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The world’s largest lesson – carpe diem!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ……Nelson Mandela A unique learning opportunity occurs starting week of September 18. It would be remiss of me, and negligent of us all, not to be aware of the potential outcomes of promoting and connecting our learning communities to this – […] Find out more

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Some new videos to use in your IB Design Technology classes

Hi all, Welcome back to a new school year and I hope your students are looking forward to another exciting year in Design Technology. To start off the year here are some useful videos I have recently come across that you can use as starters to certain units or topics. Don Norman: The three ways that […] Find out more

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So, What’s the News?

Every moment of every day, an avalanche of information is dispersed through countless media sources in a myriad of forms and this without respite, 24/7. This may be one of the most significant changes in our daily lives since, well, forever.  It is not that information was not available before of course, but nothing comparable […] Find out more

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Voltaire and the Principle of Action

Voltaire is regarded as the most ‘English’ among the French philosophers but his status as a bona fide philosopher is often cast into doubt. However, to consider him as a mere dabbler in philosophy is a gross misconception of his crucial input in the philosophical debates of his age. An extraordinary polymath, Voltaire was equally […] Find out more

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The IB Learner Profile, ATL and Anti-Plagiarism Software

I recently found myself involved in the review of a school’s Academic Honesty Policy, which led me to some background reading, which (as often happens) caused me to fall down an internet rabbit hole: First stop: NPR ED “Turnitin And The Debate Over Anti-Plagiarism Software” (August 25, 2014, Heard on All Things Considered) Coming as I do from the IB […] Find out more

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C3L6 (Cambridge Chemistry Challenge)

Have you heard of the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge? If not, it is definitely worth a look (http://c3l6.com). The website is primarily aimed at UK students in the ‘lower 6th’ – this is equivalent of IB1 but the chemistry itself is very worthy of all IB students and is open to students in the UK and […] Find out more

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7- Is it All Bad?

During the last month or so we have been listening and reading news about the fallout of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Even maybe some of you have experienced first hand the issues with the battery of the phone exploding, being drained while charging and so on. The issues with Galaxy Note 7 have definitely […] Find out more

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Welcome back Design Technology students – Ideas for your Major Project can be very simple…

Hi students, Welcome back and I hope you are looking forward to your year ahead in Design Technology. For DP2 students although daunting this should be a very exciting time as you consider what you will do for your Major Project. Remember as you are thinking through what you would like to do for your […] Find out more

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Seeing Forces

Try asking your physics teacher if this is possible – they will probably give you all sorts of (boring) physics examples – for example, gravity pulling down on a book or a boat floating or an airplane flying. But I can guarantee that none of them well tell you to look at a cup of […] Find out more

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Two german films, different histories

Last week I attended a film presentation at the London Reviews of Books bookshop by the novelist Ali Smith (her novel ‘How to be both’ is extraordinary, try to read this). The film was Mädchen in uniform (Germany 1931 dir: Leontine Sagan). I mention this as the film was an interesting descendant of the expressionist […] Find out more

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How do you see the world… and then how do you collaborate?

This month I have been in Dharamsala in the Himalayas of India, staying in Bhagsu, a little village just a stone’s throw from the Dalai Lama’s monastery and temple (he is here on Monday, so I am going to hear him speak). I have been here intensively studying to be a yoga teacher, and today […] Find out more

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Differentiation with Social Media Tools

This week I was notified of a change on a shared Google Spreadsheet I “follow” which is collecting “Differentiation with Social Media Tools“. As I write, there are  109 online social media tools listed, with the type, URL, a short assessment or review, and suggestions for content, process and product differentiation. The page was built and […] Find out more

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Cambridge and Oxford application basics

So, you want to apply to Cambridge or Oxford?    Here are the basics for preparing an application to either institution. Grades count!  If you are an IB Diploma student then your target is 40-42 inc. 776 in HLs for Cambridge and 38-40 inc. 776 in HLs for Oxford.  See the IB Diploma link for Cambridge here […] Find out more

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BIG IDEAS for ITGS Updated

The start of a new school year is the time to reflect on the BIG IDEAS that are central to the teaching and learning ITGS. Overview to THINKING ITGS Ideas central to an IB education (Learner Profile, international-mindedness, Approaches to learning and teaching (ATL) need to be integrated into ITGS. ITGS must also be firmly […] Find out more

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IB Music: Transforming the Listening and Performance Experience

Often students listen to music to manage their moods, enhance a workout or study session, bond with other students and as a distraction from daily life.  Are you listening to heavy metal as a means to relieve stress?  Researchers would have us believe that listening to certain genres of music results in a connection of the […] Find out more

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Resources: Case Study 2017 – Wearable Technologies

Case Study 2017 is focused on Wearable Technology – Kita Health Tech (KHT) with the key challenges involving current and future issues related to the health and well-being of individuals. Challenges include these areas: Hardware and software Data End users Policies and practices Kita Health Tech (KHT)  is not a real technology. However, candidates are […] Find out more

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In recent blogs I have focused on the Exhibition with particular reference to the things I’d seen (i.e. files submitted) as an examiner. If interested please check out these recent blogs: 1 (June) Visual Arts Exhibition Issues 2 (July) Exhibition issues (part 2) 3 (August) Exhibition issues (part 3) But today I am posting about […] Find out more

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Collaboration and the Learner Profile

This month in the student blogs I wrote about my current exposure to yoga Philosophy, as I have been in Dharamsala in the Himalayas of India, staying in Bhagsu, a little village just a stone’s throw from the Dalai Lama’s temple. I have just qualified as a yoga teacher and part of Patanjali’s yoga principals […] Find out more

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