OK – I started back at school yesterday after a very pleasant two week holiday, and reminded my year 2 IBDP visual arts class that for them (in some ways) the end is nigh. As if to confirm this, a package of the blue Candidate Record Booklets was also waiting for me in my mailtray. If like me you are teaching in a northern hemisphere school then your students will probably have their final examinations in around 2 to 3 months’ time – March or April 2012.

Unless you have signed up for alternative arrangements you will be having a visiting examiner come to talk to your students, but between then (whenever it is) and now there is a lot to do, both for you and your students

Students can (and should) still create studio work and investigation pages, of course, right up until the moment they sign the front of the CRB, but it doesn’t harm to start now at least reminding them that they need to write a candidate statement, and select their strongest studio pieces and workbook pages…The Candidate Record Booklet (and duplicate) require a fair degree of organization, and with this in mind I posted a step by step guide on the OCC Teacher Resource Exchange.

Feel free to download a copy!