Hi students,

Yes one of my regular inspiration blog posts – check out some of the designs below all of which could easily have been project ideas for DT students –

  • A revolutionary radio – I always like socially and environmentally focused projects and here is another great one. As it suggests on the description of this product – “The radio’s cardboard construction allows it to be folded so it can be stored (as well as distributed) easily. The solar panel on the back ensures that one doesn’t have to worry about charging the radio electrically.”
  • A foldable chair – nothing revolutionary I know but there is something as always about the simplicity of this design for manufacture that sets it apart. Could you have produced this in your school workshop with a laserprinter handy?
  • The freindimil a toy/seat that grows as a child grows – what a great idea and again beautifully designed for manufacture – have a look at the simple parts of construction. How do you think this would have been mass produced?


How about some video inspiration also, check out this great video which looks at IKEA and its universal success due to its design principles – what could you learn from this do you think?

[vimeo id=”163703590″ align=”center” autoplay=”no” grow=”yes”]

Have a great summer!