As you probably know, DP Grades were released a week ago and I hope that you are pleased – or at least satisfied – with the results.

However, if the results are not what you hoped or expected you may want the work to be re-marked.

Your DP Coordinator should contact IB for this to happen: schools may initiate an Enquiry Upon Results following the examination session at any time up to 15 September.

The first EUR category involves re-marking the candidate’s externally assessed examination material. When a re-mark is requested by the school, the examination material (in our case that’s the good old CRB) will normally be sent to a senior examiner for the subject.

Meanwhile – in case you were wondering about the photograph – the Les Tapies (South of France) Summer IBDP Visual Arts Workshop beckons, Sunday to Wednesday inclusive.

As a level 2 – 3 workshop I expect that we’ll be looking beyond the basic DP visual arts ‘nuts and bolts’ (but I have a hefty ‘workshop materials’ folder in case we need to revisit the fundamentals).

Since there are quite a few very experienced participants I’m also looking forward to some productive sharing sessions, talking about (and showing) examples of best practice and the resulting student work in studio and/or investigation.

The venue is a perfect match for the programme, and a number of sessions will involve hands-on art making studio work around and about Les Tapies, responding to the environment as well as some creative work in the investigation workbook.