I was very glad to receive from Karen Douziech, a Canadian colleague, a copy of The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam; it’s lively both in words and graphics, and is a wonderful exploration  family history, and full of surprises, both for the writer and the reader.  Like Persepolis, the material also exists in a film :   http://www.longtacksam.com/

The two would surely make for an interesting combination, with many intercultural aspects to both–immigration, blended traditions, show biz in different cultures– and lots of interesting graphic work.    Take a look at it, and here’s a good website for both versions: http://www.graphicclassroom.org/2008/12/magical-life-of-long-tack-sam.html

And here’s a trailer that conveys the flavor of the whole thing:


Thank you, Anne Marie Fleming and Long Tack Sam!