In 2014 teachers will start to teach the next version of the course. The course is still in the planning and development stage but teachers are encouraged to have their say about what they like or don’t like about the current (admittedly rather sketchy) stage of the new course.

There is a report outlining the current status of the new course (a 17 page pdf document available on the OCC) as well as a questionnaire that seeks the views of visual arts teachers on recent developments in the IB Diploma Programme visual arts course.

The questionnaire is user friendly and asks such things as what is your view of the proposals and changes outlined in the report?  What aspects in the report do you like? What aspects in the report do you dislike? For the aspects in the report you dislike, how could these be improved?

To find the review questionnaire: on the first OCC visual arts page is a list of main topics (‘General documents’, ‘Assessment’ etc).

Scroll down to the section headed ‘Curriculum Review’ and you should see ‘Curriculum review report, April 2011’ and ‘visual arts questionnaire’.

If you click on the link to the right of visual arts questionnaire you should be taken to the online questionnaire.

Having been present at both of the first two curriculum review meetings I can confirm that at the moment the next version of the visual arts course looks like it will be quite different to the current version.

Two potential changes are

  • the introduction of a third component (i.e. no longer just the two that are currently investigation and studio) and
  • the disappearance of an alternative option (i.e. there will no longer need to be a decision whether to take option A or option B).