By now you’ve most likely read (or at least heard of) the “2011 Horizon Report,” which predicts that games-based learning will be mainstream in schools as soon as 2013. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t wait any longer. Get your free copy from the New Media Consortium website:

You probably already know WHY you want to get your school into 3D virtual worlds, but you just haven’t known HOW…but that’s all about to change. Courtesy of Changchun American International School, you can now have a free copy of “OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide.” Written specifically for teachers, this e-book includes introductory information, step-by-step setup directions and even lesson plans you can adapt. Second Life is covered too, since it’s now open to kids 16 years old and up! The e-book covers how to both choose an OpenSimulator host company and create a FREE OpenSimulator client/server installation, so your school can take the best path…the best path INWORLD, that is!

Author David W. Deeds has been taking students inworld since 2006, when he established his first university cybercampus in Second Life. He’s been using OpenSimulator to teach international school K-12 students computer-aided design, programming, project management and more since 2009.

Hypergrid Business ezine did a story on the e-book, which features links:

You can get the book directly from Scribd: .

If you live in China, Scribd is blocked by The Great Firewall, so you can get it directly from David’s blog:

See you ’round the grids!