What is Embracing India?

  • A fund raiser for the school that supports an area of the local community
  •  An opportunity for students, staff, parents and artists from the local community to share their work as an artist or performer
  • An event for the entire school, where we can appreciate the community we are part of as a school, but also as a school in Mumbai, India

What does the program include?

1.   Theatre                    HS Students      ‘Shelter’ by Simon Bent.

‘Shelter’ is based on the real lives of young people that are living rough in London.

2.   Song              HS Student      “Oh Mio Babbino Caro”by Giacomo Puccini

3.   Dance             MS Students   

The DJ Divas perform to ‘DJ got us falling in love again’ by Usher.

4.   Music                HS Student       Tabla performance of “Teen Taal”.

5.   Dance               MS Student

Snake Dance – This dance represents Lord Shiva, the king of dance, and his snake

6.   Dance               Faculty member  A lyrical jazz piece performed to Just for a Thrill by Ray Charles.

7.   Song                  HS Student       “Someone like you” by Adele

8.   Music/Dance     Children from a local slum area   

Acorn Group will perform a medley of Jai Ho & a Hip Hop number.

9.   Band                 HS Students

‘All these things I’ve done’ by The Killers, ‘Fire’ by Casabian and ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley

10.  Blues No Bar     Faculty

Killing Floor’, a blues classic by Howlin’ Wolf,‘The wind cries Mary’, a ballad by Jimi Hendrix

11.  Aikido-Karate    School Security team

The Security Team will show how martial arts can be used in self defence and protection.


How does it link to the IB Theatre Course?

  • Exposes students to the local arts in their community and to the country they are living in (TIW, TIP)
  • Enables them to work in a production or performance role (TPPP)
  • Allows the IB students to work as a crew in production – understanding the needs of other and also articulating their own needs (for the PPP and RI)
  • And many more……..