Just a quick note to teachers that if you did not know it already Dyson is one of the best examples to use throughout the IB DT course in almost all areas of the syllabus. There is a great article in the Guardian this week in which the idea of constructive discontent comes right to the fore as new rumours of what Dyson and his team are working on are published – supposedly the Dyson Hairdryer is next using the same airblade technology.

Interesting to see how the airblade technology that he has devised he has used as technology push in his company for hoovers, hand dryers, heaters and now maybe the hairdryer. Obviously there is great videos on the airblade technology to go and search through or show your students.

Of course the Dyson Challenge is also always worth a look – with students something I have mentioned before simply head over the Dyson Challenge website.

So some advice to share with your students when they are starting their projects with with Constructive Discontent :-

“A spokesman would only say: “We’re constantly working on new inventions. I don’t really know what our engineers are working on.” Dyson Spokesperson 2013

“But the spokesman agreed that Dyson’s biggest inventions had, indeed, been born out of his annoyance with previous products. “A lot of innovations are inspired by frustration,” he said.” Dyson Spokesperson 2013