A recent news report on the Australian abc news network featured a story on retired military dogs. This got me thinking.

What happens to these animals that are trained to faithfully serve and protect their owners when they finish that commission?

And then coincidentally this invitation from The Daily Good appeared in my in-box yesterday and led me here to this reflection –

what might our pets teach us about service?

“Heroes come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common: an instinct to help others selflessly.

If you have a story about a pet that highlights the instinct to help others selflessly, then share your story about how your cat or dog has helped someone in need.

GOOD and Purina ONE have teamed up to highlight dogs and cats that are everyday heroes in the Hero Pets Maker challenge.

Whether it’s a vigilant dog that alerted others to an unseen danger, or maybe a cat that helped change the course of someone’s life for the better, we want to hear your true stories.

We want to celebrate cats and dogs as companions, but also highlight how they bring value to you and your community.

Submit a photo or video along with a true story about how your cat or dog has helped someone in need. The winning entrant will:

  • Be featured in a post on good.is with the winning photo or video and story
  • Receive coupons for a year’s supply of Purina ONE cat or dog food
  • Select one of the following four organizations to receive a $5,000 donation given in his or her name: Pet Partners, Support Dogs, Inc., New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc., Working Dogs for Conservation

Between now and November 11, submit your story along with a photo or video and help one organization help other dogs and cats become heroes.”